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    The original home of the Mazk Touch Network:
Where it all began; a place to Learn ( and Earn ) if you are good at using the methods and the Excel sheets posted for FREE.


   The younger site , with different design and concepts; suited for advanced lottery players, you might consider it Step number II in your learing curve; hence the name:
The Mazk Touch II.

Mazk Touch Joomla!


   A growing community site; where you can register for free and dive in into LIVE TESTS for my new sheets that are not available at any other site!.

Mazk Touch Blog


    With Mazk Touch Joomla as the testing grounds, my Blog is the Posting station for a few of the spreadsheets that I am working on; and with the Play Lists changing more frequently there, you might see your State(s) Play List(s) posted.